Mulla Abdullabhai Taherali Education Society


Activity done By MATES

Blood Donation camp

Blood donation camp was organized in the mid of 2007. The main motive of the camp was to collect  blood for blood banks, So that people in need of the blood can get blood at time so that the life of the people can be saved.

AIDS Awareness Programme:

In the country like India where the numbers of cases of HIV positive are more than any of the countries it is necessary for the trust to conduct such programme and make people aware of AIDS . So that the trust held such various programmes in the colleges & other institutions.

Education Programme:

The Trust conducted various Education programmes for benefit of the children’s to create awareness among the children’s regarding scope of the education & benefits of education.

Social Welfare Programme

The Trust conducted various social welfare programmes to bring all the people of the society together. This was done with a view to integrate the society.   



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