Mulla Abdullabhai Taherali Education Society


Activity Report of Year 2006

Help to poor People:
With a view of taking India in a development process the trust started helping poor people of the country. They planned to provide employment to 100 people for a year. By this optimistic view they are trying to develop India.

Health related Camps:
The trust conducted various health related camps. They have successfully conducted camps like Polio Vaccination, Blood Donation camp in which they received grand support form the people of the villages. They also conducted women health awareness programme. The trust also conducted health check-up plans. Nearly 300 people were actively involved in the check-up programme.

Women employment Programme:
The trust also conducted programme for the employment of the women. They tried to provide employment to women’s in rural areas by providing work in small scale industries or in handicraft industries. 

Awareness programme:

The trust created various awareness programmes among the people of the rural areas. They conducted awareness programme for the hardcore illness like Polio, T.B. etc. Due to which people become aware of the remedies available in the Government Hospitals. Due to which we can clearly see that there is decrease in Deaths because of disease like T.B., Cancer.


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