Mulla Abdullabhai Taherali Education Society

The activities done by the Trust in the year 2005

Children Development Plan:
An event organized for the Development of the children.
Children Development plan was organized by the trust to make the children competent for the modern world. The main objectives of the plan were:-

  1. To develop children for the modern world.
  2. Encourage other out-of-school activities.
  3. Inform them about the modern technical world.


Computer Education Programme:
An event to create computer awareness among the young and also among the old people. The main objectives of the plan were:-

  1. To create computer awareness among the mass.
  2. To made children habitual of computers.


Women awareness programme:
Women awareness programme was established with a view to create awareness among women regarding education, family & health related matters. The objectives were as follows:

  1. To help women to tackle their daily routine family matters.
  2. To make them aware about the importance of education.
  3. To create health awareness among women.

Culture & social welfare Programme:
The trust conducted various culture programmes and in which they received tremendous support from people outside the trust. The trust also conducted various stage shows at rural areas to convey their message by entertainment way.




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